About Us

Art Verve Village

Exchange new ideas, tools, tips, or techniques with other like-minded individuals! The Art Verve Village is a community of individuals, who practice 2D visual arts together within a group setting. Sponsored by the Art Verve Academy, these meetups are free and open to the public with the intent to provide support for creatives and encourage social learning.

We're an active group made up of adults, who practice the Visual Arts, across all generations from beginner to advanced.

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Practice with other enthusiasts, work in any 2D visual art medium of your choice, or bring any previously completed work to share with us!

Check our calendar for meetups dates, times or locations:

We use Slack as a platform or app to discuss art or artwork between learners, each other, and instructors within our community.

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Note that this forum is private for Art Verve Village (members only). Access is not be allowed for non-members.

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We ask ourselves or one another...

  • What is? Or what's the intent?
  • What can?
  • What if?
  • What should?
  • What will?
  • What happened?